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Manuka Honey

A few weeks ago my sweet little cat, Graycie, spotted the neighbor’s cat in the yard behind me as I was coming in the door.  Graycie made a run for the door and I put down my hand to stop her.  In her frenzy to get out the door she attacked my hand and arm, biting and clawing, almost as if I were the neighbor cat herself.  At least I had managed to keep Graycie inside and away from doing any damage to “Fluffy” as I call her.  But she sure did damage to me.



I washed the cuts, cleaned them with peroxide and then soaked them in epsom salts. I applied neosporin and then continued periodically soaking the hand and arm in epsom salts.  I knew cat bites and scratches were bad and cpi;d ;ead to a serious infection. I had cellulitis a few years back from a bite from another cat which resulted in a trip to the emergency room and antibiotics.

It looked like I had the situation under control for the first few days.  There was what appeared to be a deep puncture would and deep scratch on the back of my hand that were still bleeding and draining; they were the worst of my injuries.  The general area was slightly swollen and a combination of black and blue and red. I had to keep my hand elevated as it was less painful that way and I slept with it elevated as well.

But the morning of the fourth day I awoke not feeling well. My hand seemed to be a little more red and my blood pressure was higher than usual.  I hated to do it, but I called the doctor.  She saw me and prescribed Azithromycin tables for five days, which I took. 

Little by little the redness seemed to lessen but the pain was still there.  At the end of the fifth day the two deep puncture / scratch wounds were still draining a clear liquid (exudate). (This is now nine days after the “incident” as I shall call it). They had pretty much scabbed over except for those areas that were draining. The edges were red and puffy.  I tried not to use that hand as the movement would open up those wounds as the skin was pulled tight. My blood pressure was still elevated during this time.

I had read before about using honey for wound and burn care.  I got on the internet and searched and sure enough, honey’s praises were being sung even by doctors. The best honey to use appeared to be Medical Grade Manuka from New Zealand.  My local Vitamin Shoppe had it in stock and I picked up a jar.  It was rather expensive…close to $60.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

I applied the honey both to the wounds and to the gauze pad with which I covered it. My hand immediately felt better.  I could bend the hand without the pain and tightness. wp-1474890935174.jpg

The article shown above and below is from and was extremely helpful. wp-1474890946476.jpg

I changed my dressing twice a day. wp-1474890955615.jpg

I applied the honey for at least ten days as I could see it was pulling exudate and also debriding the wounds.  At the end of that time I could see the swelling and inflammation was gone. My blood pressure was back to normal.wp-1474890963678.jpg

What I found interesting is that the article above states that when honey is diluted by wound exudates, hydrogen peroxide is produced via an enzyme reaction.  This is released slowly to provide antibacterial activity but does not damage tissue.  From my experience that is exactly what it did.

It is now twenty five days later.  I still have scabs but no inflammation, draining or pain. 

And I pet Graycie with the other hand now.