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March 14, 2018

A year ago, on March 14, 2017, I wrote a post about a blizzard we had on that date and a robin who was desperately hungry. Now, a year later, we had another bad storm…wet, heavy snow that bent tree limbs way down and broke many of them off.


I had been watching for the robin before the storm’s arrival but didn’t see him. I thought I had heard him call in the early morning but no visual. I was sitting in my usual chair in the den around dusk the day of the storm. He landed on a branch of the yew outside the window and gave me a piercing look like “Aren’t you going to feed me?”

I jumped up and ran into the kitchen. I was prepared. I had bought a package of fresh blueberries the day before. I pulled on my boots, grabbed a shovel and trudged through the snow to the base of the big holly tree. I cleared a spot and placed some blueberries there. I watched from the kitchen window but didn’t see him. It was almost dark and I had done all I could do.

The next morning I could hear his call. I watched the spot where I had deposited the berries and, no surprise, a bluejay was scoffing them down. But a little while later, the robin appeared.


I brought more blueberries out and placed them there and also at two other locations.  And it was a good thing that I had purchased a large box of blueberries as there was not only that one robin, there were a least a dozen of them out there eating up those berries.


I’ll be picking up more berries today.




March 14, 2017

Yesterday we had a blizzard. Normally I wouldn’t write about a blizzard, but because it was so late in the year, March 14, I think it merits mention.

The fact that we had a blizzard a week before spring is notable in and of itself…and the fact that I had taken a robin under the wing (so to speak) added to the drama (at least in my mind). This robin showed up a few weeks ago. It had been unusually warm back then for that time of the year and the ground was starting to thaw. I saw the robin out on the lawn doing his little robin thing…running a few steps, turning his head and listening, over and over again. I didn’t give it much thought.

But then it got cold. Bitterly cold. The ground that was starting to thaw refroze and was hard as a rock. The robin was smart enough to not even bother with his running and listening routine. I would see him in the trees and wonder what he was eating. Then I thought “Maybe he’s not eating.” That did it, blueberries were on my shopping list.

So the next day I put some of the fresh blueberries on the ground near the big holly which would provide some protection. I watched and waited and after a while he showed up and ate them. Success! I fed him those blueberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day since then.

But then the blizzard arrived. I could have worried about losing power or having the big old pine tree blow over on the house or something fairly rational. But no, I’m worried about feeding the robin.

The snow started very early in the morning. I brushed a path out to the holly and deposited the berries. I watched from the window and saw him eating. But then the snow became heavier and the wind was howling. I didn’t think he had time to eat many berries before conditions deteriorated. And he didn’t get his usual lunch. At about 3 PM the snow let up and I shoveled a path to the holly and cleared an area. I didn’t see him or hear him. I put the berries down and watched from the window…no robin.

Then it started to rain and the rain switched back to snow.  It was now after 6 PM and I was sitting in my chair by the window in the den. I saw a movement out the window and turned my head and there appeared the robin on the sill knocking on the window. He had a frantic look on his face and panic in his eyes! I jumped up, grabbed the berries, and headed out the door.

A robin is rather an aloof type of bird. They do their own bird thing and really don’t pay attention to humans. In contrast, the chickadee is a very sociable little bird. He comes over to greet you and sing his little chick-a-dee-dee-dee to you. The catbird follows you around the yard, almost complaining that you are intruding on his personal domain. The hummingbird who comes every year shows up at either the window in the kitchen or den to tell me she’s here and thereafter when she needs more nectar.

I wondered how the robin knew I’d be at the den window? He must have been desperate to do something so out of character.

I put the blueberries down and watched from the window. It was getting dark and usually the robin would be bedded down for the night by now. No robin appeared.

I saw him early the next morning by the holly. I grabbed the berries and by the time I got outside he was singing up a storm. Things are back to normal. And normal is good.

March 14, 2017 snow:


Photo of his berries: