Oh, baby!

I received an email from a relative recently that stated she heard on television that a small number of Princess Diana purple Beanie Babies were worth $500,000.  She just happened to have one of these Princess Diana Beanies and was sending it to me and asked that I check this out.

I have to say that this email certainly got my attention.  $500,000!  So my research began.  I saw that eBay had 1,571 purple Princess Diana Beanie Babies listed for sale and that was just searching title, not description.  Of the 1,571 listed, the majority were described as “rare”.  And some had a listing price of over $500,000.  The sold items on eBay showed 607 sold Princess Diana Beanies and a few of them sold for good money, a few thousand dollar “best offers” but not the many thousand dollar listing prices. Most of them sold under $50.

Then I looked at Etsy, not expecting to find any since Etsy’s policies state that “vintage” items should be 20 years or older and these 1997 Beanie Babies are a year shy of meeting that 20 year criteria.  But, to my surprise, there were 25 of them listed in the Vintage category.  I guess Etsy is a little lax in policy enforcement.  I created an Etsy treasury showing the highest priced 16 listings which follows.  Two of them are listed for $250,000, followed by one for $175,000, $145,000, $100,000 and down.

Some Princess Diana Beanie Babies Listed on Etsy

Some Princess Diana Beanie Babies Listed on Etsy

There are many “hits” when researching this particular Beanie Baby on the internet.  The one I found most informative is: http://tycollector.com/the-scoop/princess-bear.htm

I made two screen prints from this site which follow, but if you are really interested in this subject, I urge you to read the information contained on the tycollector.com site.

Ty Collector Princess

Ty Collector Princess

Following is a chart showing Princess Diana Beanie Baby values as of February 29, 2016.


Current Princess Beanie Baby Values as of 2/29/16

This Ty Collector site includes a “Fraud Alert (January 14, 2015) which starts: “From time to time, prices paid by buyers on eBay for the Princess Beanie Baby increase dramatically for a short period of time.  This generally happens when a blogger, a personality on a TV show or a news reporter claims Princess is valuable because it is selling for an extremely high price on eBay.

That of course, is an uninformed misrepresentation or sometimes an intentional deception designed to scam potential collectors who do not understand how eBay really works.”

This entire section of the website is very informative as to how eBay works and what to watch out for.

So, all of that being said, I do have a Princess Diana Beanie Baby available for sale. 20160322_120251.jpg

I cannot list it for sale on Etsy as it does not meet their Vintage category requirements. 20160322_120312.jpg

It is in mint condition. 20160322_120344.jpg

Handmade in China, no space, PE pellets…this info means something to you if you are a serious collector.20160322_120426.jpg

If you are interested in making an offer on this Beanie, please contact me at queenofsienna@gmail.com20160322_120501.jpg

If you have any additional information you would like to share regarding the Princess Diana Beanie Baby, I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks.


One thought on “Oh, baby!

  1. KerryCan

    Isn’t this the craziest thing?! Wow–I would’ve hated to pay thousands and then find one selling for $38. I never really understood the Beanie Baby mania but they are really cute. I hope you sell yours for at least $200K!


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