Garden Perfection

At the end of April my daughter and I went to White Flower Farm in Morris, Connecticut.  It was a very cold, blustery day…not what you expect at this time of spring.  As we started our walk through the farm,  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the potted plants.  They seemed to be shivering in the cold. The taller shrubs were blowing over.  Some snow flakes were falling, whipping by.


I snapped the photo above of a huge weeping beech tree.  It was so beautiful, even without leaves.  I could only imagine how gorgeous it must be covered with snow. 

On June 12th, we went back to White Flower Farm to see everything in bloom.  This is a photo of that same tree.


We walked up the hill toward the greenhouses and took a detour toward a long, straight, wide perennial bed. It was boarded by a wide, stone walkway.


I love this look…the combination and blending of colors, shapes and textures.  And the straight stone edge was the perfect accent.  It was my idea of garden perfection.  And it made me think of my grandfather.

My grandparents spent the winters in Florida and the summers with us in Connecticut.  I don’t recall them sitting around relaxing.  They were always busy.
They especially enjoyed working in the garden.  There were several flower beds and two large vegetable gardens.  And it was perfect….beautifully maintained, with love.  Not like my gardens.  Here the phlox fight with the gooseneck loose strife for space and I fight to keep them both from growing into the lawn.  It’s a cross between an English garden and wild kingdom.  I wouldn’t mind that if I could maintain straight edges to the beds.  Those straight edges give some semblance of order to an otherwise out of control garden.

The following photo shows my grandfather edging the beds in the sunken garden.  He’d get the long wooden board, edger and bushel basket and go to work. The result were perfectly straight edges that added so much to the beauty of the garden.


Right now I’m battling with the invasive vines that threaten to consume every square inch of this property.  I kid you not.  The bittersweet is relentless.  And there is a kiwi vine that is out of control…seriously out of control.  It appears to have gobbled up an entire tree.  And I planted that kiwi.  The guy who sold it to me warned me.  He said I’d have to stay on top of it and not let it get out of control…but guess what?  It’s out of control.

I don’t really have many straight edged flower beds.  Most are curved.  The bed along the back of the house has foxglove, catmint, wisteria and ferns.  And it’s straight.  How nice it would be to have a stone walkway running along next to it.  Some day, maybe.

The smoke bush is in bloom.  A couple of mornings ago the yard was thick with dew and the smoke bush took on a real smoky look with all that moisture clinging to it.


Following are a few photos of flowers, for those of you who can’t get enough of peonies…




And some daisies and foxglove…



I’ll have to take some photos of that kiwi vine and share it with you in the next post.


One thought on “Garden Perfection

  1. KerryCan

    It all looks so amazing! I love the super close-up photos that show texture so well. You have a nice variety of things growing–I have no luck at all with foxglove and my smoke bushes never get those poufs on them. I would be interested in seeing the kiwi vine–I’ve never heard of it. The comparable plant in our garden, that’s threatening to take over, is false spirea. They are such pretty shrubs but they send out underground shoots that pop up everywhere!


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