First Day of Spring 2015

I haven’t written a post since last fall.  I guess I went into my hibernation mode over the long, dark, frigid winter. A winter with the polar vortex planted firmly overhead for long bone chilling periods of time.  But today is the first full day of spring!  Time to celebrate!  Time to start cleaning up the yard and get those beds ready for spring flowers.  But this is a view from my window this morning.


First Day of Spring 2015

Looking back at my post last year on the first day of spring, I see there was snow on the ground then, but not nearly as much.


Front Bench First Day of Spring

And we had snow overnight on the first day of spring 2013 but things were looking much more like spring two years ago just before we had that snowfall.


I heard that this past winter was the warmest on record.  Not here in New England, but on average world wide.  The west coast was extremely warm this past winter as were other parts of the globe.  I suspect that the long awaited polar shift is occurring and we here in the northeastern part of the United States are at ground zero.

So, what have I been doing during the long, dark, frigid winter you might ask?  One thing I did is stop eating wheat.  Not just gluten…wheat.  Those PBS shows with doctor infomercials are dangerous.  I watched one with Dr. William Davis and his Wheat Belly diet and I was hooked.


I stocked up on all kinds of grain free flours and meals that were previously unknown to me.


And I started to eat differently.  This focaccia is delicious.


As are these peanut butter cookies.


I gave up wheat toward the end of 2014 and within a week I noticed my arthritic shoulder had much less pain.  Encouraged by that, I have stayed wheat free for three months now.  I will discuss this way of eating more in my next post.

Happy spring everyone!  It’s still snowing as I type…good thing that snow shovel is handy.


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