Looking Out My Back Door – September 9, 2014

The days are getting shorter and the temperature ranges from downright chilly some mornings and toasty warm in the afternoons.  There’s not much going on in the garden.  I’m waiting for the hummingbird to come and say goodbye.  Last year they left around September 21st.  The female hummingbird is the one who comes to the window and says goodbye.  She hovered by the kitchen window, looked me in the eye for several seconds, and left.  The male just flies right out with no “thank you, m’am” and any show of sentimentality.  Just like a man…or at least some men.



The lantana that are growing in the planters along with the basil and parsley are still providing a pop of color. 


Allium – Garlic Chives

The garlic chives have popped up here and there.  The regular purple topped chives are spring blooming and these white alliums, known as garlic chives, bloom in the late summer.  And they do have a pleasant garlic taste…so nice to sprinkle on salads and stir fry dishes.



 The sedum are all in bloom.  I don’t know how I managed to snap a photo without a bee in it, as the bees are all over the sedum.

Top of the Bean Poles

Top of the Bean Poles

The beans that had grown up beyond the poles, seemingly reaching for the roof, settled back down and are growing down the bean poles now.  You can see all the beans up toward the top of the poles (this is the view from my back stoop).  I have to use a long pole type pruner to pick these beans as they are up over 7 feet high.  Ah, beans…pickled, steamed, sauteed, in salads and soup.  So good!



I noticed something when I looked out the den window recently.  There was some roundish looking something in the climbing hydrangea by the side of the window.  Something that shouldn’t be there.  I went out to investigate and found what I believe might be a white faced hornets’ nest.  I see them out by one of the hummingbird feeders, so I know they are here.  They’ve constructed it with the branches going right through it.  It really is beautiful to look at…but now I have to do some research and figure out when and how to remove it.  To quote Gilda Radner, “It’s always something…”


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