Yes, Gray Fox Do Like Raspberries

In my last post I mentioned that I thought perhaps a mother and baby gray fox were living somewhere behind a stone wall in my yard.  I also said that the raspberries were beginning to ripen and I’ve got lots of raspberry bushes.  I wondered if fox liked raspberries.  Well, the answer is, yes they do…they like all kinds of berries.

And the fox are living behind the wall, but there are three young ones plus mother!

Having a Morning Drink

Having a Morning Drink

Every morning they show up outside my back window.  The three young ones like to wrestle and play with each other.  Mother tries to groom them.  They stop for a drink of water and a good time is had by all.  I haven’t heard any other distrubing noises coming from outside, just the “yip yip” of the foxes at play. 

Gray fox can climb trees just like a cat.  They will climb a tree to escape predators and to get fruit.  My mulberry tree was full of mulberries several weeks ago.  I saw the catbird and other birds in that tree feasting on the berries.  I was working underneath the mulberry a few weeks ago whacking away at the bittersweet vines.  I can just imagine looking up and seeing a fox looking down at me from a tree branch…I’d probably have a heart attack!

Fox Out My Back Window

Fox Out My Back Window

Switching gears now, the green beans that I blanched and placed in that marvelous Woodstock Organic pickle juice are delicious! 

Lentil Burgers and Dilled Bean Salad Plate

Lentil Burgers and Dilled Bean Salad Plate

I found another brand, a Vlasic “Farmer’s Garden” brand, that has no color added.  These pickles were on sale so I figured I’d give them a try.  I love them!  And the nice big glass jar (26 ounce)  has molded measurements in the side of the jar, “1 cup”, “1 and 1/2 cups” and “2 cups”.  They also make bread and butter pickles but I chose the dill.  I will definitely use this juice to pickle some beans too!

Vlasic Farmer's Garden Dill Pickles

Vlasic Farmer’s Garden Dill Pickles

A while back I wrote about the “past prime” produce in a local Stop & Shop store.  The prices are at least 50% cheaper than normal.  I think I’ve discovered the secret to finding the best selection in the past prime section.  New sales start on Friday.  I happened to be there late morning last Friday and the past prime produce was amazing.  So much to choose some.  I looked at the packaging date and all of it was packed earlier that morning.  So on the first day of a new sale, they must go through the produce and pull out anything they determine to be slightly past prime and package it. 

Past Prime Fresh Pineapple

Past Prime Fresh Pineapple

Fresh pineapple was on sale for $2.99 but the pineapple in the past prime section was $1…I got home and cut it up and took the photo above.  It was so sweet and juicy! 

Past Prime Peaches and Tomatoes

Past Prime Peaches and Tomatoes

Peaches and tomatoes were drastically reduced and delicious.  I’m heading back tomorrow morning, Friday, to see if I’m right about Friday being the day for the best selection of past prime.

Daylily in Morning Sun

Daylily in Morning Sun

We’ve had a good amount of rain the past several days as well as terrible humidity.  The daylilies love it.

St. John's Wort

St. John’s Wort

And the St. John’s Wort is starting to flower.  Do fox like St. John’s Wort?  Just kidding.  But who knows… they eat grass and clover.  I’ve seen them do it.  So maybe they do like St. John’s Wart.

Info on the internet advises that the young fox will go their separate ways in the fall


Fox at Play

My cat, Graycie, couldn’t care less about them.  I think she’s seen them so many times through the windows that they are old hat now. 

Little Foxes

Little Foxes

But I love to watch them…they are adorable and have such sweet faces.  And that’s all there is to report from here.


One thought on “Yes, Gray Fox Do Like Raspberries

  1. KerryCan

    I envy you so much, having a chance to feast your eyes on those foxes! They are beautiful and your garden gives them an idyllic home! I am glad that Graycie is an indoor cat, though. I don’t know if the foxes would bother her but I don’t like to think about it . . . .


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