Summer 2014

I hope you have recovered from your Summer Solstice celebrations and are now enjoying the first full day of Summer 2014.  Minute by minute the days are now getting shorter.  I don’t mind the days getting somewhat shorter, it’s the very short and bitterly cold days of winter that I can’t stand!  But enough of that…I can dwell on how much I hate winter when it rolls around.

Right now I’m going to relish summer.  My pole beans are finally growing.  They’re about 8 inches tall now.  I had a tricky time getting them going.  I thought I would plant the beans left over from last year.  I had stored them in the freezer as I had read they would grow just fine the following season.  They I discovered I had some beans stored in the refrigerator from 2011 (they got lost in there behind all of the hot sauce, pickles, olives and such).  But I found them just in time for planting and figured I’d try some of them as well.

However, that first round of beans were dug up and eaten by some creature, most likely the chipmunk.  So I planted some more.  And same thing, someone ate them.  So I planted more and this time I sprinkled a good dose of cayenne pepper all over them.  This worked and the beans were left undisturbed to reach for the sky.  I swear I can almost see them growing as I stand there and gaze at them.  There are some things in the garden I like to gaze at.  My giant hosta is one…just can’t get enough of that plant.  And these seemingly magic beans that grow right before my eyes.  I almost know how Jack felt when he woke the morning after his mother threw those worthless beans out the window.  A miracle!

And, speaking of my giant hosta, it’s starting to flower!  The cream colored blossoms tinged with lavender are emerging from underneath the enormous blue green corrugated leaves.

Blue Angel Giant Hosta Starting to Flower

Blue Angel Giant Hosta Starting to Flower

The hardy orange has small fuzzy little green oranges all over it.  I took this photo because I liked the shadow of the thorn across the fuzzy surface of the orange: wpid-20140622_110252.jpg

But then  I spotted a giant spider with two extremely long front legs hugging one of these oranges and of course I had to snap that photo:wpid-20140622_110329-1.jpg

The sundrops are in full bloom now:



And the black-eyed Susan buds are almost ready to unfurl:

Black-Eyed Susan Blooms

Black-Eyed Susan Blooms

The red rose has tons of blossoms and has a back drop of pink spirea:

Red Rose and Pink Spirea

Red Rose and Pink Spirea

I have to admit that I dislike red flowers.  I like orange flowers and can tolerate orange but red is offensive to me.  I don’t even like wearing red.  Yet I’ve got several Persian rugs with red backgrounds on my floors and I find them very attractive.  Hmmm….

Actually, I think my favorite color flower is white.  I always wanted a white “moon” garden.  White flowers take on a glow in the evening that is gorgeous and in the light of a full moon it is spectacular.  I remember when I was looking to buy a house, just before I bought the one I am now in, and I saw this empty antique red cape the next town over.  Note the color of the house was red…and I liked it!  There was no “for sale” sign.  But it was obviously not lived in.  The property bordered an old cemetery and a stone wall separated the back yard from the cemetery.  For some reason, I always wanted to live next to a cemetery.  Call me nuts. And I was obsessed with this house.  I would walk around the cemetery and look at the back of the house and the yard and envision a white moon garden and patio at the back of that house.

I went to the town’s Historical Society building to see what I could find out about that house.  I talked to the person in charge there and asked him about the house.  He offered quite a bit of information and even gave me the owner’s name and the town where he was now living.  It seems the Historical Society was a little concerned about that house as well as it was not being tended and they did not want to see it fall into disrepair.  I tracked down the owner’s phone number and called him.  For me this was highly out of character.  I am not a bold or pushy person.  But, when you are obsessed, you are obsessed and driven to do certain things.  I introduced myself and explained to the gentleman that I noticed his house had been empty for some time now and wondered if he would consider selling it.  He chuckled and said he had been giving it some thought actually.  He took my phone number and said he would give me a call if he decided to sell. 

Wow!  Well that was positive!  Maybe, just maybe, I’d be living in a little antique cape next to a cemetery with a moon garden out back.  But weeks went by and no call.  Maybe he lost my phone number.  I kept going by the house to see if a ‘for sale’ sign had gone up, but nothing.  So I called the guy a second time!  So very pushy!  He said that he had decided to keep the house and wouldn’t be selling.  Darn!  No cemetery…no moon garden….

I wish I had more white flowers on this property.  I do have gooseneck loosestrife…the terribly invasive gooseneck loosestrife…yet I do enjoy their white flowers at dusk.

Mock Orange

Mock Orange

The mock orange is full of sweet smelling white flowers and I’m so enjoying that right now!

And that’s the way it is, the first day of summer 2014.



One thought on “Summer 2014

  1. KerryCan

    Aren’t personal tastes funny? I love red flowers and don’t care for purple; you love purple and not red. We’re complicated, aren’t we? The garden looks wonderful! I, too, love my hostas, especially those humongous ones! And I have sundrops blooming, too–I like them very much now that I have exiled them to a couple of places where I don’t mind them taking over–they are so invasive!


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