Herb Festival

My daughter had suggested we spend last Sunday, Mothers’ Day, together at an herb festival at Topmost Herb Farm ( www.tomostherbfarm.com ) in North Coventry, Connecticut.  The day arrived bright and clear.  The temperature was in the low 70s.  It was a perfect day to wander around the farm and visit the vendor booths.

Top Most Herb Farm

Topmost Herb Farm

When they named this farm “Topmost”, they were right.  This was the highest spot for miles around.  You could stand under this beautiful old tree and look east down across the fields and see forever, or so it seemed to me.  What a beautiful spot!

The House at Topmost Herb Farm

The House at Topmost Herb Farm

There was live music and all kinds of vendors…cut flowers and potted plants, vegetables, cheese, bread and cakes, ice cream, hot sauce, soap, iced tea and coffee, spinach pie and baklava to name a few.  And let’s not forget the greenhouse full of herbs and heirloom tomatoes!

Buckets of Daffodils and Narcissus

Buckets of Daffodils and Narcissus

Radishes, turnips, kohlrabi and rhubarb provided a colorful display on this table…

Fresh Veggies

Fresh Veggies

My two teenage grandsons were with us.  I’m sure there are many teenagers who wouldn’t want to hang around with their mother and grandmother, but they seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.  I noticed there were a few teenager girls there and some glances were exchanged.  They brought their own money and the older bought some maple cotton candy and the younger bought a “yard” of kettle corn…that’s like a three foot long bag! 

Dragons Blood Elexir Sauces

Dragons Blood Elixir Sauces

My daughter tasted a sampling of salsa verde sauce at the Dragons Blood Elixir booth and loved it.  The vendor said it was great sprinkled on tuna salad, macaroni and cheese and heuvos rancheros.  Upon hearing his suggestions, I decided I wanted to try a bottle as well.  And then I saw the Vidalia Peach sauce and thought I needed that too as I thought it would pair nicely with grilled salmon.  In a week, I’ve used about two-thirds of the salsa verde.  And I did make heuvos rancheros… the sauce was marvelous with it.  I haven’t made grilled salmon yet but will soon.  These sauces are made in Woodstock, Connecticut with Connecticut grown chilis.  I think you can read the ingredients label on the vidalia peach sauce…no preservatives of any kind.  Vidalia onions, peaches, apple cider vinegar, apple cider, peppers, rhubarb, pear juice and sea salt.  Now doesn’t that sound delicious?  You can buy this online at ‘ www.dragonsbloodelixir.com ‘.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros

The fragrent aroma of the handmade soap lured us over to that booth.  There were so many varieties to choose from!  This soap, Sleepy Moon Soap, is made at Bailey Farm in North Franklin, Connecticut….check out their website ‘ www.sleepymoonsoap.com ‘ The French Lavender is heavenly.  Their soaps are available online as well.

Sleepy Moon Soaps At Bailey Farm, North Franklin, CT

Sleepy Moon Soaps At Bailey Farm, North Franklin, CT

My daughter and I had a little gelato…chocolate for her and hazelnut for me…and soon thereafter we headed for home.  But what a wonderful Mothers’ Day it was!

And now I have to head on out and mow the lawn….again.  But it’s another lovely day and I’m looking forward to it!


One thought on “Herb Festival

  1. KerryCan

    Oh, boy–now I’m craving kettle corn! And maple cotton candy–yes! This looks like such a wonderful mother-daughter outing–just perfect!


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