My Beloved Morning Glory Is Not a Morning Glory After All

In earlier posts I discussed the morning glory that “appeared” last year in my yard.  In all the years I’ve lived here, this was the first appearance of a morning glory on the property.  I was delighted to be greeted with brilliant blue flowers every morning during August. 

This year I placed a a wooden obelisk in the same area as the morning glory had appeared last year.  But the heart shaped leaf vine did not appear in that spot, it appeared several feet away in another bed.

Heart Shaped Leaf Vine

Heart Shaped Leaf Vine

So I moved the rustic wooden obelisk over to the other bed where the vine was growing and I trained the vine to grow up the wooden structure.  And I watched and waited and watered the vine.  I expected the flowers to start to show the early part of August.  But something was wrong.

I took my gray cat, Graycie, to the veterinarian a few days ago.  As I walked toward the office, I noticed he had a white morning glory growing in his yard.

White Morning Glory Outside Veterinarian's Office

White Morning Glory Outside Veterinarian’s Office

The leaves on his vine were much more angular and longer than my vine leaves.  I took a photo of his vine and took a sample of his leaves to compare with mine.  Why was his morning glory blooming and mine wasn’t?

My Heart Shaped Leaf on Left as Compared With Vet's Morning Glory Leaf on Right

My Heart Shaped Leaf on Left as Compared With Vet’s Morning Glory Leaf on Right

The leaf from his vine was completely different than mine.  I had taken a photo of my moring glory last year and I took a look to see how the leaves compared to these of this year.

My Morning Glory From Last Year

My Morning Glory From Last Year

Last year’s leaf certainly did not resemble the vet’s vine leaf, but neither did it accurately resemble the vine that was growing in my yard this year.

I did some searching on “heart shaped leaf vine” and found a match to the vine that was growing in my yard this year.  It was a climbing bindweed!  One of the ten most invasive vines in the United States!  And here I had been caring for it and encouraging its growth for weeks.  There will be no beautiful blue flowers, only the tiny little white flowers that you can see at the end of the tendrils in the first photo. 

Still, it does look nice on the obelisk and maybe the leaves will have attractive autumn color.  I’ll have to try to pull it from the ground at the end of the season but since it is invasive, I’m sure it will show up again next year.  One more invasive vine to add to the poison ivy, bittersweet and other vines growing here.

Graycie, the little gray cat, is doing much better.  Her temperature is down to normal and I’ve found two kinds of cat food that she loves.  I went to a holistic pet food store and, upon the owner’s recommendation, bought Best Feline Friend brand tuna and salmon with gravy in a pounch and cans of Solid Gold brand blended tuna. 

She loves them both and dances on her hind legs in the kitchen when I’m about to feed her.  And what a difference in her!  She is alert, happy and relaxed.  I had a friend eating from a box of Cheezits and she jumped on his lap and tried to get the Cheezits out of his hand.  Maybe her previous owner fed her Cheezits?  She certainly seemed intent on getting a few of them for herself (but didn’t).

I’ve had cats in the past who’ve been attracted to unusual food…like my cat Kaylee loved donuts.  Not glazed or filled, just plain cake donuts.  Loved them…especially when they came from a certain bakery.  You couldn’t sneak them in the house…she could smell them I guess and just had to have some.

And two cats, Coalbee (a solid black) and Itzy (a solid white) both loved shrimp.  I would hand feed bits of cooked shrimp to them every day.  Coalbee also liked olives…the pimento stuffed cocktail type.  I had a friend who told me his huge cat, Scrounger, would drink martinis with him every afternoon. 

And talk about drinking, Graycie was afraid of her water dish.  I first started giving her water in a solid black bowl and she would tap the side of the bowl with her paw, and then dip her paw into the water, almost as if she were testing the depth of the water in the bowl, and then very slowly start to drink.  So I switched to a solid white bowl,  But she did the same thing.  So I searched on the internet and found that some cats have a problem with depth perception of water in a solid color bowl and the suggestion was to use a bowl with a pattern or design at the bottom as this seemed to help.

Graycie's New Water Bowl

Graycie’s New Water Bowl

So I bought the water bowl shown in the photo above and she’s drinking with no problem.

Graycie With Her Grooming Mitt

Graycie With Her Grooming Mitt

Graycie loves her grooming mitt.  She likes it when I groom her but she also likes to play with it.  I’ll open the low kitchen drawer that I store it in and she’ll reach in for it with her two front paws and rub it on her head.  Then she’ll take it and roll around the floor hugging it and playing with it. 

And that’s the way it is, August 11, 2013.


3 thoughts on “My Beloved Morning Glory Is Not a Morning Glory After All

  1. KerryCan

    Great news about Graycie! One of my cats will dance for fresh spinach and another likes potato chips and cheerios. And now I know what that vine is in my yard . . . bindweed. 😦

  2. roberta4949

    I have a vine out there growing and did not know what it was until I sent pictures to the extension office and they said climbing buckwheat, it does not get those pretty flowers of white but are obscure. it is there again this year in the same place. yikes,

    1. queenofsienna Post author

      Yikes is right! My climbing bindweed did not reappear this year but the bittersweet is thriving….lucky me!


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