Going With the Flow

Life can sometimes alter the best laid plans.  Sometimes simple little things like what you’re planning for dinner.  For example, I thought I had linquini and I was making a vegetable lo mein for dinner tonight.  But lo and behold…no linquini, no spaghetti, no vermicelli…only tubettini.  Little tiny, round, tube shape pasta that you would normally use in soup. 

But I was committed.  I had red pepper, broccoli, onion and garlic that I was going to toss with sauce soy and add to pasta.  But now the pasta wasn’t linquini, it was tubettini.  So I continued, as I had a craving for pasta and soy sauce.

Then I spotted the radishes in the vegetable bin.  How about adding sliced radishes … good substitute for daikon radish.  It certainly would add a bit of crunch to the dish.  I added the sliced radish and some sliced scallions just before serving.  And the end result was delicious.

Another “going with the flow” episode happened today when my cable provider switched off all my viewing channels as I needed to install a new box which they had provided.  I had only subscribed to basic cable and, for the most part, disliked most of the channels provided.  Oh, I did like some of the public television shows and a few others, but had often thought I should just cancel cable.  I didn’t have a choice of cable providers; because I lived in such and such area, I had one cable provider and that was it…no choice. Talk about monopoly.  Something wrong with that.  So this morning, when all of my cable stations were gone the choice was mine…hook up their new box or cancel cable.  So I cancelled cable.

My very inventive friend, Alan, had been researched “over the air” stations.  No cable or satellite needed…just an antenna.  He remembered that I had an old antenna somewhere, He found it, rigged it up to my TV, and now I have most of the same stations and some others, that I didn’t have before.  Cost…nothing.  A good thing.

And that leads me to the gray cat, the cat which I discussed in my last blog.  She showed up five days ago.  Didn’t seem like a young cat but appeared to have plenty of life in her.  Well, two days ago she stopped eating and drinking and pretty much stopped moving.  I brought her to the vet and her temperature was 105.8.  The vet’s thermometer only went to 106.  A cat’s normal temperature ranges between 100.5 and 102.5.  He didn’t see evidence of a wound or infection and had no idea what was causing the fever.  He gave her injections of two different antibiotics and sent me home with amoxicillin in liquid form to give her.  He also suggested I pick up some Pedialyte to give her by syringe to hydrate her, which I did. 

I’ve lost several cats…dear cats…over the years which made me reach the conclusion that maybe another cat was not in my future.  It hurt too much to lose them.  But what do you do when a cat comes to your door and sits at your door, and doesn’t leave?  You do the best you can for that cat.   

Giving a cat medication had never been easy for me.  I managed to get the medication in her as well as some of the Pedialyte but I didn’t see any improvement.  She was showning no interest in drinking or eating on her own and she was having difficulty walking.

This morning I brought her back to the vet who is keeping her there in his hospital, hydrated and medicated.  I don’t know what will happen with this kitty and will keep you adivsed.

Sometimes going with the flow is relatively easy…sometimes it is not.


2 thoughts on “Going With the Flow

    1. queenofsienna Post author

      Thanks, KerryCan. She’s still in the hospital. The vet told me earlier today that her temperature is down to 103 and she has eaten a little something. She’s staying another day and we’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow. He said “She’s not out of the woods yet.” We’ll just have to wait and see. Again, thanks.


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