Sticks and Stones

Sometimes you take things for granted and you can easily overlook their value.

I’m fortunate enough to live on a piece of property that has much beauty.  The trees, shrubs, flowers and birds are a source of pleasure for me.  But what about that pile of rocks and brush sitting out by the barn?  Is that beautiful as well?  The answer is yes!  If you take a look, a real good look, you’ll find there is beauty and usefulness within.

I’m a shop owner on Etsy.  I sell mostly antique and vintage items.  However, Etsy is largely a community of very talented artisans who create marvelously inspired items from a diverse grouping of materials.

So, what about the hawthorn branches that came down in the storm a couple of years ago?  Could that be used to create something?



Well, the answer is yes, as I’ve sold several parcels of hawthorn on Etsy and have more listed for sale.  Some of the thorns on the hawthorn shown above are 2 inches long!  My description on Etsy reads, in part, as follows:

“The needles could be harvested for multiple uses (celtic, wicca, voodoo, sewing, fishing etc.). Or, of course, they could just be left as is for display.

“The hawthorn tree is also known as the May Apple tree and the “May Flower” is a symbol of hope (hence the ship name “Mayflower”)

“Hawthorn is one of the sacred trees of Wicca and witchcraft and is associated with “Beltane” celebrations. Beltane honors the Sun god Belenus whose festival originally commenced on the first day the Hawthorn tree blossomed

“Following was taken, in part, from Wikipedia:

“The hawthorn has been regarded as the emblem of hope, and its branches are stated to have been carried by the ancient Greeks in wedding processions, and to have been used by them to deck the altar of Hymenaios. The supposition that the tree was the source of Jesus’s crown of thorns gave rise doubtless to the tradition among the French peasantry that it utters groans and cries on Good Friday, and probably also to the old popular superstition in Great Britain and Ireland that ill-luck attended the uprooting of hawthorns. Branches of Glastonbury Thorn, (C. monogyna ‘Biflora’, which flowers both in December and in spring, were formerly highly valued in England, on account of the legend that the tree was originally the staff of Joseph of Arimathea.

“In Celtic lore, the hawthorn plant was used commonly for rune inscriptions along with Yew and Apple.

“Serbian and Croatian folklore notes hawthorn is particularly deadly to vampires, and stakes used for their slaying must be made from the wood of the thorn.

“In Gaelic folklore, hawthorn ‘marks the entrance to the otherworld’ and is strongly associated with the fairies.”

Following is a link where you can search hawthorn available at my Etsy shop:

And what about those trimmings from the yew trees…would anyone be interested it them?  Again, the answer is yes!  I have sold yew branches on Etsy.yew 007-35

The yew is an ancient tree and is said to be associated with immortality, renewal, regeneration, everlasting life, rebirth, transformation and access to the Otherworld and our ancestors. Also believed to be potent against evil. The following website has wonderful information on the yew:

These branches could be used to create jewelry, buttons, rune sets, wands or whatever you fancy.

Following is a link to yew available at my Etsy shop:
arock1 048-35

And what about that rock pile?  Well, you can do amazing things with rocks.  You can create with them and have fun with them.  Take the thirteen rocks shown above…this is what you can do with them…arock1 016-35

And this….

arock1 024-35

I’ve even come up with a game to play with these rocks….and, of course, I have them listed for sale at my Etsy shop.  The listing reads….

“For sale are thirteen Connecticut River Valley rocks of various sizes and shapes ranging from approximately 1 inch wide to 2 and 3/4ths inches wide.

“These rocks have been hand picked and tested to assure that they can be combined / stacked in many various ways to create different sculptures.

“A game for two that can be played with these rocks is to see how many rocks can be stacked on top of one single rock before tumbling down. The first player would select a rock and the second player would then select another rock and place it on top of the first. Player #1 would then select a third rock and try to balance it on the stack of two rocks….and so on until the stack of rocks tumbles. The player who placed the last rock before tumbling would get points equal to the number of rocks before they fell. I have been able to stack eleven of these stones … but no more. Is it possible to stack all thirteen???? I don’t know…

“These rocks could be used to create a cairn or inukshuk or even used in a bonsai planter or Zen garden. Assembly is most definitely required!

“They are excellent in aiding concentration.”

Link to this listing can be found here:

arock1 010-35

So keep your eyes open…you never know what treasures you might find!


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