Looking Out My Back Door – May 20, 2013

The big news is that the male hummingbird is here!  I thought I saw that fast, erratic type movement zoom by my window a couple of days ago but I couldn’t be sure it was the hummingbird.  Then, yesterday, I actually saw it.  Irridescent green with bright red throat, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird!  I went outside, with camera in hand, and sat on the wooden bench by the huge rhododendron…this gave me a good view of both the hummingbird feeder and the azaleas that were fully in bloom.perfume 001-35

It only took about 5 minutes and I heard that familiar “eek, eek” sound.  I saw a faint movement in the hemlock, but did not see him.  He continued with that “eek, eek” and sounded quite agitated.  So I got up and went inside.  I don’t think he was my usual hummingbird visitor.  That guy was not shy.  He would come right up to me and look me in the eye. He’d hang out with me when I worked outside.  He’d hover in front of the kitchen window if his nectar was getting low.  But this new hummer is shy.  If I could only get a photo of him.  My goal for the summer!

That huge rhododendron behind the bench will be in bloom soon.  While the pale pink rhododendron on the other side of the house is in full bloom right now, this darker pink version blooms a little later.  The first bloom just appeared yesterday as well.

Rhododendron and Leucothoe

Rhododendron and Leucothoe

I will take another photo of the rhododendron in a few days so you can see the blooms.  This is an “off” year for it, so its blooms will not be prolific but still will still be beautiful.

The leocothoe that grows next to this rhododendron is starting to bloom as well with its graceful strands of droplets of cream colored flowers accented by shiney green leaves.  What a beautiful shrub.

Pale Pink Rhododendron

Pale Pink Rhododendron

The climbing hydrangea is doing well…it’s pretty much covered the end of the house by the patio.

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea

The flowers are beginning to form on it and by late summer it will be covered with clusters of white blooms.  You can still see the trellis that was built on the end wall of the house to support the hydrangea.  I remember the first time I saw one of these plants.  It was up in Vermont at a garden center.  A climbing hydrangea had grown up the wall and partially on the roof of a potting shed.  The lush green leaves and large flowers were beautiful.  Now, if my house were only built of stone, it might resemble a Cotswold cottage!

First Iris

First Iris

The first flower has appeared on the iris.  This one is an orchid color and quite vibrant!

And the fleabane is starting to appear here and there in clusters along the flowerbeds.  There are many variations of fleabane (like 150 different varieties) and I don’t know exactly which this is.  It has almost a daisy like appearance with a round yellow center.  But the pink surrounding it is almost fringe like….too small and fine to be individual petals it seems.  I’ve read they are called “rays”.  As these extend a bit beyond the edge of the flower beds, I mow around them…they are too precious to cut down!



Kind of a pink theme to this post…


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