Looking Out My Back Door – May 6, 2013

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was planning on growing some pole beans this year.  I’ve tried it in the past and have had relatively good success.  I say “relatively” as once the chipmunks discovered that there were beans growing up those poles, it was a matter of who got to the beans first, me or them.  I grew the beans in the bed next to the house right outside the kitchen door.  They grew on wooden tripod structures that were fashioned from some downed branches in the yard.  I’ve previously mentioned that there are a lot of downed branches as a result of a bad storm, and the “bean pole” structure constructed this year is serious.  This is it:

Bean Pole 2013!

Bean Pole 2013!

It stands just over 7 feet high and 4 feet wide.  I’ve purchased Scarlett Runner and Kentucky Wonder beans to plant.  I’ve never grown the Scarlett Runner beans before but am looking forward to seeing those red flowers dotting the vine.  In previous years I’ve had some delightful purple beans and I’ve even grown one type of bean that produced foot long beans (nothing like going out and harvesting “a bean” for dinner).  It will take a while to get the bed prepared; but it has to be fairly warm with no chance of frost before these beans are planted, so most likely they won’t go in the ground before the end of this month, beginning of next month.

Wild Tulip

Wild Tulip

We still haven’t had rain but they are predicting it later this week and I hope they’re right. 

The wild tulips, however, don’t seem to mind the lack of rain and the kerria japonica has started to bloom with it’s bright yellow flowers popping up on pencil thin green stems.  I love this shrub; the blossoms will remain for several weeks.  Long after the dogwood have dropped their petals, the kerria blossoms will remain.

Kerria Japonica

Kerria Japonica

And the purple blue flowers of the ajuga (aka bugleweed) are spendid along the edge of the flower bed, dipping into the lawn as well.  Ajuga is a member of the mint family, so it can be invasive.  But I don’t like straight edges to the flower beds or segregated mounds of perennials and hedges clipped in geometric shapes….I like it all to blend and blur together similar to an impressionist painting. 



Ajuga is an invasive plant I don’t mind (as opposed the bittersweet, wild raspberries and poison ivy)!  I’ll have to do a separate post on those invasive plants and call it “The Bittersweet Battles”.

I thought perhaps I saw a hummingbird flying past the front window yesterday, but I could be mistaken!  With all the trees, shurbs and flowers in bloom, I would have thought he would be clearly in slight.  I’m still keeping the hummingbird feeder filled with fresh nectar!


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