The Hummingbird Watch

I’m on alert…waiting and watching for my hummingbirds to arrive.  The view from my kitchen window shows trees still devoid of foliage.  The grass has greened up a little and the daylillies and phlox are starting to sprout up in the garden.

Looking Towards the Barn

Looking Towards the Barn

The pieris japonica (andromeda) is in bloom, however. a 043-35

Patches of little blue spring flowers, Glory in the Snow, brightly color the lawn.  Before you know it the P.J.M. rhododendrons will be ablaze with color.  When that happens, the hummers will be here.  Actually, the website shows a report of a hummingbird already spotted in Massachusetts on April 9th of this year (2013). 

My other birds are slowly being weaned off of the seed and suet I’ve been feeding them all winter.  They need to become self sufficient again and to teach their young to fend for themselves as well.  I made the mistake of continuing to feed the birds throughout last summer and it was not good for the birds nor my pocketbook.

Glory of the Snow

Glory of the Snow

A few years back the male hummingbird did show up early, just about this time of the year.  And I remember thinking “What the heck are you doing here?”  So you never know…I’ve got my hummingbird feeders handy and ready to go.  I’ve got a good supply of sugar to make their nectar. 

And so I wait and watch….


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