Getting Creative With Your Spring Garden Clean-Up

I had mentioned in my earlier post “First Day of Spring 2013” that my yard and flower beds needed a major spring cleaning.a 026-35  The snow we had received on that first day of spring was long gone and the time was now:  get out there and rake and prune!

With rake and snips in hand, I headed out to begin the process which would take days to complete.  I walked around the property to survey what needed to be done and tried to figure out what order in which to tackle it.  I looked at the dried hydrangea blossoms that needed to be trimmed, the ornamental grasses that needed to be cut down, the sedum which also needed to be cut to the ground and the beds and lawn that needed to be raked.  And then I started seeing more… I saw the possibility of creating floral arrangements with the debris which otherwise would have made its way to the compost pile.

When fresh flowers are on sale at the grocer’s, every now and then I buy some and enjoy the fresh pop of color they provide.  But for the most part, my interior color scheme is subtle and soft.  I looked at those beautiful soft tan hydrangea blossoms and imagined how gorgeous they would look as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

a 023-35

Raking the edge of the lawn where the ferns would start springing back to life in a few weeks, I noticed some of the stems with the seed pods were swept up by the rake along with the dried autumn leaves.a 049-35  I picked one up and looked closely at it and marveled at the beauty of the dark brown pods on the stem.  I bent over and searched through the leaves, retrieving the fern pod stems one by one.  I headed into the house and searched for a vase or vessel in which I could display these stems.  I found an intricate antique copper pitcher on the mantle and placed the ferns within.  Perfect!a 042-35

Back outside to continue the process.  Cutting down the sedum, I noticed that these spent flowers were also attractive.  I put the best ones on the back stoop to save for another arrangement.  Then I began cutting down the ornamental grasses.  Some of the slender blades curled toward the tips.  I set aside some of them as well as a few of the seed heads.  I went into the kitchen and grabbed a copper vase off the counter and headed back outside.  Sitting on the wooden bench, I placed my saved clippings within the copper vase.  Voila!  Another creation…perhaps it would work in the dining room with the brown transferware?  a 054-35

Hmmm….I wonder what else is out there?



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