First Day of Spring 2013

After a long and miserable winter, one that included the “blizzard of the century” or Nemo as The Weather Channel called the storm that dropped over two feet of snow here, spring had finally arrived.  I awoke that morning and made my way down to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee.  Looking out the window, this is the scene that greeted me:

1st Day of Spring 2013 014-35

Just the day before I had been looking at the daffodil and daylillies poking up bright green through the fallen autumn leaves still in the flower beds, thinking that I’ve got to get out there and rake those beds…but not today.

The aptly named snow drop flowers, however, come up on schedule late in winter and aren’t bothered by the weather.  Snow or no snow, they survive.

snowdrop 003-35

My little black squirrel showed up early for breakfast.  He’s usually a late riser, and the gray squirrels are running all over the place before he arrives.  But there he was, sitting in the dogwood tree waiting for me to put breakfast out.  I cleared a little pathway in the snow with the broom that I keep by the back door and grabbed my bag of no-salt  roasted peanuts in the shell.

1st Day of Spring 2013 007-35

My black squirrel is very brave and will come right up to the kitchen door and wait for a peanut when he is really hungry.  But this morning he was biding his time and waiting for me.  He feels safe out in the path between the two yews and that is where I put a little pile of peanuts for him.  He was  good enough to let me take a photo of him with a peanut sticking out of his mouth…

Ah, spring is here!


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